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1. Silver Spell

2. Steel Against Steel

3. Colosseum

4. Sands of Time

5. Fate's Pantomime

6. Wretched Play

7. Cenotaph

8. Maya & The Wolf

9. La Catedral

10. The Return

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2. Steel Against Steel

From legends and stories
The pages of history read,
Our King will protect us against all black magic
But we wield the steel!
And for our part, we will protect the realm
Against the armies of thousands
A pact sealed by blood,
Our ancestral blood:
In ancient times when sorcery thrived over the world
We laid down our lives to fight for the King
Each and every man has sworn to fight for this land
We are the shield of human folk
Against steel, we live and die by the seal
We are the steel against steel
When one man dies another follows close behind
To pick up the fight and rejoin the field
And proudly feel
The Steel in his hands he fights for this land
Against the armies of one (or thousands)
A pact sealed by blood,
Our ancestral blood
Forged in fire
Our battle cry
Rings loud and echoes through the trees

With axe and sword

A crashing chord
Will pierce the armor of their souls

We won’t crack or break
Our swords will never betray
And the earth will shake
As we enter the fray
We will make them kneel
We are the steel against steel

3. Coliseum

Behold the Coliseum
And the hear my depiction
Spectacles of death will steal your breath
Hear the lion roar
Let the games begin
Find your place within these walls
Mass Crucifixions
Beast Hunts
Battles to the death
Welcome to Rome
Creator, spectator, or a fierce gladiator
The amphitheater
Will expose your true nature

Today I’ll die a slave in a nameless grave
Or conquer the day
They’ll all scream my name
With freedom as my reword I’ll join the hoard
And defeat the crown I once adored
With sword and shield I’ll never yield
And now I’ve become Barbarian

Bow down and cheer your emperor’s here
The closest thing to a god on this earth
I’ll judge and decide who lives and who dies

So fight for your freedom in my coliseum

Fight or die!
Your life is on the line
Fight or die!
I’ll give the sign
Fight or die!
It’s time that you are purified
Fight or die!
The gods you now will glorify
Fight or die!
They’ve come to see this sacrifice
Fight or die!

We’ll see if it’s your time to die

Could this be his destiny?
To die today for us to see
Or will he fulfill the prophecy
And this treachery

For freedom, for glory
His victory the story
Of free men, of glory
Make history
Creator, spectator, or a fierce gladiator

The amphitheater
Will expose your true nature
Could this be his destiny?
To die today for us to see
Or will he fulfill the prophecy
And this treachery
Set his people free
Defeat the powers that be
And will you


6. Wretched Play

Finally alone, within this empty home
How many times you threatened to leave
And now you’ve finally gone
Silence, oh, oh, sweet, silence
But how the future will always find a way
To pick apart my memory and write some wretched play
Silence oh, oh, finally, silence
Forget the future; forget the past, and let this now forever
You pushed away the souls within these walls so fill your
thirsty flask
They’ve all departed
Thus house is yours
A castle, a prison, asylum for the horde
I’ll take my final blows all on my own
I’ll find the bottom of my broken soul
And lying on the cold hard stone I’ll call your name
Screaming out pain
But nobody is there
You’ll never hear me
Where did you go?
What was I thinking as you walked out the door?
Gone forever are you
Never coming back
You meant every word you said and pushed me to your past

Many years have come and gone, so too has our home
You let me be, and set me free
I live life to atone the

10. The Return

Drop anchor; lower the sails we are here
Now I standing here where it all began
A place once so close to me now a foreign land
I look up at the sky
I call, and I cry, I’m home
Bones buried beneath
The earth at my feet
Remains of my people
I gravely seek
Now I’ve returned
Answered the call
The anthem of a people I no longer know
As many moons passed
Their faces grew strange
Afraid of forgetting I cling to my name
On ventures I swore
I'd once return home
Not realizing that homes is where I roam
Under the sky I was birthed
I walk as a stranger
My mind’s eye imagined I’d find rest in the place
But my mind could only see
And never know how I feel now I’m in this space
A face and voice I remember
Not one resembles her

Blank stares and empty souls
Will ne’er fill this hole
Set course for the open sea
Far away from this land
The only place I can call my home
Is where my two feet stand
Now I want nothing more
Than to flee these shores
And leave behind all this
Return to the ship

Destined for the open sea
Let go my past family
Follow the winds of time
Create what’s truly mine
Hear this tale of caution
From a soul destined to roam
Cling to your closest ones
And cherish your home
Sailing the open sea
Waves crash lighting flash
Alone in memory

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