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Operus Cenotaph

Cenotaph was released worldwide on October 13th 2017 via Dark Star Records in Association with MVD Entertainment and Sony Music.

1. Silver Spell

2. Steel Against Steel

3. Colosseum

4. Sands of Time

5. Fate's Pantomime

6. Wretched Play

7. Cenotaph

8. Maya & The Wolf

9. La Catedral

10. The Return

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"Cenotaph is a commemoration of writers & poets who never gained the recognition and/or lived to see the impact of their work," explains the band. "The concept and inspiration for the title of the album is taken from a statue in Budapest located opposite of Vajdahunyad Castle, Anonymous, the unknown chronicler at the court of King Béla III. The lyrical concepts are not that of any one specific idea but rather a mosaic of different stories and legends which are meant to paint images in the minds of the listener, much like the tales laid by the quills of writers long ago."

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